TypeArtiste / GroupeTitre de l'album / singleAnnéeRéférence
33tBob DylanGreatest Hits1969562847
33tCafé CrèmeNon stop Beatles1977BLR-5555
33tDeep PurpleIn Rock1970Shul 777
33tDire StraitsDire Straits19789 102 021
33tDire StraitsLove over Gold19826 359 109
33tDire StraitsAlchemy (x2)1984PG 252
33tDire StraitsBrother in Arms1985PG 289
33tDire StraitsMoney for Nothing1988PG 282
33tEric ClaptonStory (x2)?POL 272
33tFilmRetour vers le futur1985WEA 381
33tGenesisTrepass19709 103 102
33tGenesisNursery Crime19719 163 100
33tGenesisSelling England by he Pound19736499-781
33tGenesisLives at Leeds19736 369 304
33tGenesisWing & Wuthering19769 103 114
33tGenesisA trick of the Tail19766 369 974
33tGenesisSecond Out (x2)19776 641 697
33tGenesisAnd then there were three19789 103 121
33tGenesisThree Sides Live (x2)1980PG 251
33tGenesisDuke1980PG 222
33tGenesisAbacab1981PG 224
33tJoe CockerJamaica say you can1988TFOLP4
33tJohn LennonImagine1978C066-04914
33tJohn LennonM? and Honey1983POL 375
33tMac CartneyRAM1979C064-04810
33tMac CartneyTug of War19822C-070-64750
33tMac CartneyPipes of Peace19831652301 PM 264
33tMac CartneyBroad Street19842602781 PM 264
33tMac CartneyFlowers in the Dirt1989PM 240 791653M
33tPhil CollinsFace Value1981WEA 99143
33tPhil CollinsBuster1988255984-2
33tPhil CollinsBut Seriously1989256984-2
33tPink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of Dawn1967C064-04292
33tPink FloydA sauceful of secret19682C062-04190
33tPink FloydUmmagumma (x2)1969SHDW 1/2
33tPink FloydMore1969C064-04096
33tPink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970C064-04550
33tPink FloydMeddle1971SHVL 795
33tPink FloydObscured by Clouds1972C064-05054
33tPink FloydDark Side of the Moon1973C064-05242
33tPink FloydMaster of Rock1974C062-04299
33tPink FloydWish You were here19752C068-96918
33tPink FloydAnimals1977C068-98434
33tPink FloydThe Wall (x2)19792C168-63411
33tPink FloydThe Final Cut19842C070-65042
33tPink FloydMomentary Lapse of Reason1986PM 264
33tPink FloydRelics?2M048-52150
33tPink FloydRelics (autre version)?C048-50740
33tProcol Harum2 disques?2617102
33tQueenNews of the World1977C068-60033
33tRenaudRenaud19752 393 105
33tRenaudBobino (x2)1980POL 294
33tRenaudOlympia pour moi tout seul (x2)19822 672 067
33tSuperTrampIndelebily Stamped1971CB 271
33tSuperTrampCrime of the century1974POL 268
33tSuperTrampBreakFirst in America1979CB 271
33tThe Beach BoysIn concert (x2)19732RS 6484
33tThe Beach Boys20 golden Greats1986PM 241
33tThe BeatlesPlease Please Me1963PMC 1202
33tThe BeatlesYellow Submarine1967C066-04002
33tThe BeatlesLet it be1970C066-04433
33tThe BeatlesSt Pepper's1974C066-04177
33tThe BeatlesRock 'n Roll Music Vol.119762M 026-06137
33tThe BeatlesRock 'n Roll Music Vol.219762M 026-06138
33tThe BeatlesRarities1980PM 261
33tThe BeatlesBallads1980PM 251
33tThe BeatlesVol.3 by morrison green group?LP6324
33tThe Bee GeesSt Pepper's (Peter Frampton) (x2)19782658-128
33tThe Bee GeesOne1989925887-2
maxiThe Butterfly BalLove is All197467.070
33tThe Eagles1971-19751976AS 53017
33tThe EaglesThe Long Run197952-181
33tThe PoliceReggata de Blanc1979AMLK 64792
33tThe PoliceOut landos d'Amour1979CD 394 753-2
33tThe PoliceGhost in the Machine1981AMLK 63738
33tThe PoliceEvery Breath you Take1986POL 282
33tThe WhoQuadrophenia (x2)19732644001
33tThe WhoTommy (x2)?2668013
33tThe WhoLives at Leeds??
33tVangelisThemes1989LC 0309
33tWingsWings Wild Life1971C062-04946
33tWingsRed Rose Speedway1973PCTC 251
33tWingsBack to the Egg1979PCTC 257
33tYesTales From Topographic Oceans (x2)1973AIL 80001